The Need

Tridel required a presentation centre at their headquarters with the ability to showcase their properties, and in order to achieve this, they required the expertise of a design and integration company with an exceptional track record. To realize their vision, Tridel wanted to provide a fully immersive experience for their clients which required a complete overhaul of their existing boardrooms, walkways and meeting rooms.

The Solution

In order to incorporate Tridel’s vision for a hybrid digital and analog solution, DTS collaborated with Tridel’s IT Department and management to integrate a large format (165”) video wall in the presentation room along with conferencing capable meeting rooms. Complete with ceiling speakers and wall mounted controls with lighting integration, the presentation room was outfitted with high quality inputs and outputs to allow for the use of iPads for presentation controls as well as handheld or lavalier microphones. From design to implementation, DTS was able to provide the exact functionality desired while being mindful of Tridel’s budget.

The Result

Two meeting rooms, an executive boardroom, two meeting spaces, a client lounge and walkway, and the main presentation centre were designed meticulously and implemented.